Little Red Revolution Published!

For Your Reading Pleasure, I’m glad to announce that Fiction on the Web has published my short story “Little Red Revolution.” This is the first and only time that I’ve submitted a piece for publication. I’m a bit worried about readers thinking that all of my material is as raucous and raunchy as this particular piece.

All of my stories have a bite of humor here and there, but I’ve never written a complete comedy before.

Fiction on the Web is a free reading site, so be my guest and enjoy a read of “Little Red Revolution” at no charge. Also, remember to leave acomment. Get ready to meet John the ex-coal miner, Mistress Vanessa the vampinatrix, Grunt the winged goblin, and others.

There are quite a few stories of all sorts at Fiction on the Web. So read to your heart’s content and make a direct comment to any other author as well.