Progress Report: #amwriting

I’m plodding through the first draft of my fantasy novel The First Light. I’m into chapter 16 and it stands at 35K words. However I broke a major rule and let the editor look at the first sixteen chapters. To my surprise I didn’t hear a tirade about cutting and slashing. Rather, she told me I needed to add more material. News like that really made my day, because I always find it easier to add than to remove.


A Crumpled Paper Ball by Turinboy used under CC License

I also have three more short story collections waiting in the wings. I had wanted to publish one short per month as per my new year’s writing resolution. However, marketing considerations have forced me to adjust the timelines and put stories together in collections rather than singles.

The next collections to be released will be:

Stasis and Other Dystopian Tales

  1. Stasis (new extended edition)
  2. A Pound of Flesh
  3. Glossies
  4. Persons of Interest

(Stasis is finished, and A Pound of Flesh & Glossies have their first drafts completed. Persons of Interest is still in the first draft stage.)

The Lighter Side of Horror

  1. Little Red Revolution
  2. Dungeon Paths
  3. The UFOs
  4. Kindred Spirits

Liars and Fools

  1. The Psychic
  2. Wings
  3. The Candidate
  4. Adrift

I don’t have a specific timeline for these any more, as my wife and I are ramping up to move, and my time is being eaten up by a lot of other responsibilities. I hope to get at least two of these collections out by the end of the year, though.

How is your work progressing?