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The wife says I look every inch the moody author.

San Giacomo’s Corner is a place to chat about the writing of independent author Ernesto San Giacomo and other things pertaining to life.

In these pages you’ll primarily find thoughts on the challenges of being a budding indie author. There’s a “learning curve” on writing, but also on cover design, marketing, social media, mailing lists. So much to learn, but I am doing it.

However, I’m an Italian-American and love to cook, you’ll also find some of the best recipes this side of the Atlantic. No learning curve on cooking. I’ve been in the kitchen most of my life.

I’m also a Catholic and a Libertarian. Those themes do lurk within my writing. Sometimes overt, and sometimes buried beneath the surface as subtext.

Poke around, leave a comment or two, and let’s get a conversation started.

New blogs will be posted at least weekly.  Thank you for visiting!

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