Indie Review: “Something Wicker This Way Comes” by Colin Garrow

Check all your previous Sherlock Holmes assumptions at the door –  or book cover, in this case. The story within these pages does not simply consist of “fanfic” new cases added to the canon of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Rather, Indie Author Colin Garrow has re-invented the characters and taken them in a new direction. Imagine if you will, Sherlock and Dr. Watson solving cases in an alternate steampunk universe.


Something Wicker This Way Comes” is the first in a series dubbed “The Watson Letters,” since it is written as a bulk of correspondence between Watson and Holmes. In it we find Dr. Watson as the intrepid gumshoe and Sherlock adding in his bit with rare appearances, and sometimes creating havoc by picking fights over minutiae. I cannot discuss the specific subjects of the letters without dropping spoilers, but I will mention what I can.

There are numerous shout-outs to famous true crime cases, movies, and other things in pop culture. And in the course of these comes a good deal of tongue-in-cheek humor. Let me say that this series, in its steampunk setting, is first and foremost a satirical parody of the crime-solving duo. Colin Garrow dispenses his barbed humor with skill. Yes, I almost spit out my tea on several occasions.


The quality of the writing is first class. At no point did I have to stumble over an oddly constructed sentence or back track. Colin Garrow’s masterful style gives us a sense of a whirlwind life and friendship. However, the best part is, Colin achieved this while maintaining a sense of a 19th Century steampunk world. Watson’s “voice” comes across as a living member of this alternate universe.

Whether you’re a fan of Sherlock or simply an armchair historian with some pop cultural knowledge, you will enjoy Colin Garrow’s creative innovation as much as I did.

Twitter: @ColinGarrow

8 thoughts on “Indie Review: “Something Wicker This Way Comes” by Colin Garrow

    • I’m somewhat jealous that I didn’t create the idea for “The Watson Letters”. I love shout-outs and references and there is a forth-coming post about using them and how I veiled them in “Storm…”
      Reading “Something Wicker…” was certainly entertaining.

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    • Hi Seliza
      I deferred to tea over coffee to get in the mood for something distinctly English. And now I prefer tea to decaf coffee in the evening during reading time. The remaining problem is how to remove the cat from my recliner. Luna tends to snuggle into a ball, and I don’t have the heart to brush her away.

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  1. Hi, Ernesto,
    What a great way to get into the “English” mood. But the feline ball of fur in your recliner….
    I don’t think any of us have the heart to interrupt the compact, dedicated sleep of our cats, ha ha. Sleep on, Luna, and don’t let those dream mice get away…..! 🙂

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