Got Cats?

As I’ve been delving into the world of Indie Authors, via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, I’ve noticed that many have more than one gift for the arts. Also, it seems that many are avid cat owners.

So to my fellow “Indies” I’d like to ask two questions…

  1. What other art forms are you good at?
  2. Do you have a cat?

I’ll go first. 1. I like to draw, faux paint, and play guitar and 2. I have two cats, Minnie and Phoenix.

20 thoughts on “Got Cats?

  1. 1.What other art forms are you good at?

    *thinks* Honestly… I don’t think I’m good at any.

    2.Do you have a cat?

    Nope. But I have a dog 🙂

    Guess I break the mould. hehe.


  2. I have a cat (Nosey) and we have a second cat who belongs to our son. If you check out my avatar, you’ll notice that it’s a cat, which is because my current series of books features starcats – large, glow in the dark felines who still like to sleep on the bed, despite their size.

    I also have a tendency to post the occasional picture of my cat on my blog 🙂

    I’m also an amateur musician. I sing (classical and contemporary) and play the flute badly.


  3. My young son owns a cat. I don’t. I prefer goats. As for other forms of art, I like drawing (pencil mostly, and coloured and water pencils), photography and woodworking. I’d like to try pottery some day. I’m not really a cat person, but I don’t mind if they sit and watch me work.


  4. I used to paint a long time ago, and play the piano — an even longer time ago.No more painting, thank you. I may resume playing the piano, though. Two cats help me write. Sophie plays with the paper clips on the desk. She extracts them one by one from their magnetic holder, and then bats them around till they hit the floor. It does wonders for the concentration. Sasha, who is older, keeps the scatter rug behind my desk chair warm. Just in case I feel like giving up and lying down next to her. Have you come to any conclusions yet?


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