The Drunken Hobbit

What would you do with a drunken hobbit?

I have to say, I love The Lord of The Rings Online. For me, it is the total gaming experience. One of the best things about it is the community – and that’s best illustrated by this music video that my kinship, The Lonely Mountain Band, has made.

I plan to call upon the Mountain Band’s friendship when it comes time to make a trailer for The First Light. This had me in stitches, hope you enjoyed as well!

6 thoughts on “The Drunken Hobbit

  1. After watching the Hobbit 2 tonight (despite actually not enjoying the movie), I was pondering firing this up again. Had like a lvl 40 human captain. It really is a beautiful world and the people are some of the nicest (likely nicest) I’ve met in an mmo.


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