Twitter Litter

I’ll freely admit to all that I am no expert on social media platforms for indie authors. What I document within this blog category are the things that I am learning as I plod along. Perhaps after reading this, you may even have a few tips for me.

Easy Clean-Up

I tried to use a free unfollow service that would list all those Twitter accounts that I was following, but not getting followed back. However, when I checked some of them, I discovered that about 25% of those accounts were indeed following me. It was time to try a different method.

If you don’t have 10.5K followers on Twitter, you don’t need any fancy subscription to an unfollow service. Just click on “Follows” on your Twitter homepage. It will list everyone you’re following. Under their name and right next to their Twitter handle you’ll see the gray text “Follows You.” If you don’t see those words, it means that you’re following them but they are not reciprocating. Now just click the big blue button and you’ve unfollowed them back. I have about 1,350 followers and I was able to “clean house” in about 30 minutes.

The “Twitter Litter” has left the building!


Photo by Luc Legay used under CC License

The Disturbing Part

I’ve always regarded other indie authors as Fellow Travelers or Kindred Spirits. Although our genres and styles may be completely different, we’re still cut from the same cloth. Therefore, I’ve always made it my business to seek out other indies, follow and post on their blogs, Facebook pages, offer reviews and beta reads, and yes offer them a #folloback on #Twitter.

My biggest surprise was the amount of Indie Authors who followed me, waited for me to follow them back, and then they would unfollow. I would say that about 60% of the accounts that I had to unfollow were other Indie Authors. Sad but true. 😦

Disappointing Results

A while ago, I wrote a post called The Blog, The Tweet, and The Facebook Page. That post was inspired by my WordPress stats. I discovered that other blogs created the most traffic into mine, followed by Facebook*, search engines, Google +, and way last was…Twitter.

*Facebook has now taken over the top slot

Most social media gurus say that Twitter is a necessary component of an indie author’s social media platform. But I have to face a dose of reality, Twitter has not been a major generator of sales and blog traffic. I believe it serves as a double exposure.

Most people have Facebook and Twitter accounts, therefore, they may see you there and then see your name pop up elsewhere. That second exposure is what may prompt a click, and that’s the only purpose that Twitter can serve. I track my links through Bitly, therefore I can see exactly how many clicks a link receives. To be honest, it’s not that great. I don’t spam or make an annoyance out of myself. I basically tweet about new blog posts, the occasional ad for Ragged Souls, or contribute to a discussion.

Keep It Anyway

I don’t plan on cancelling my Twitter account, nor would I suggest that course of action to anyone. I recently read a great post by Kristin Lamb about the nature of books in the digital age. There are quite a few gems of wisdom within her words. My favorite eye-opener to indie authors within that particular blog post was, “Our greatest enemy is obscurity.”

Never were truer words spoken. Therefore, I’ll keep trying to tweak my tweets as best as I can, and hope for the best.

Ragged SoulsBlog

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How About you?

If you’ve been successful with Twitter, please enlighten me (and some others). Do you see activity and clicks based upon your Tweets?

***I want to know when the new short story Night Flights is released***

6 thoughts on “Twitter Litter

  1. Ernesto, I tweeted this. 😉

    Like you, I don’t know a huge amount about Twitter. I didn’t even know I could check to see if others I followed followed me. When I have time, I might go through and unfollow those who I know I’ve followed for a long time.

    That’s nasty to follow someone, let them follow you and then unfollow.

    By the way, I was curious and checked to see if I could flip the coin: check to see if I followed those who followed me. You can. Just click the Followers button, and you’ll see the list of your followers. It will note if you follow them or not. I just went through my list and followed everyone respectable. It appears there are a few porn sites following me. Nasty stuff.

    So don’t automatically follow everyone. Check them out first.

    Not everyone I follow follows me, but I understand. Folks like Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney don’t have the time. Thanks for the tip. I’m in the middle of writing a post about Twitter, but for another reason.


    • Hi Diane! I don’t expect Pope Francis to follow me back either, so there will always be an imbalance. However, when that number get’s into the hundreds, I think its time to clean up.
      I’m glad that checking works under the follower tab as well.
      Awesome…can’t wait to see your Twitter insights.
      psst…thanks for the tweeting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Twitter can be pretty tricky! It took me a while to get the hang of it, and even today I’m pretty sure I’m not using it right. However, I have finally started to see that some of my readers are coming from there. So, I’ve decided to keep working at it. Apparently, it works to do networking on Twitter, and by that I mean sharing other people’s posts that relate to your topic. When you do, tag them so they know you are sharing. I get a lot of followers that way. Also, using hashtags gets you noticed, as well as tweeting with images. I hear twitter chats are great, but I have yet to join. So far, I can’t complain!


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