WordPress Stats: Seeing is Believing

In a previous post called “The Blog, the Tweet, and the Facebook Page,” I mentioned that creating a relationship with other bloggers is a must. I came to that conclusion based upon the behavior of those who followed me on various social media outlets. I also mentioned that I really didn’t push or spend a lot of time on #Facebook. Also, when it comes to blog stats, I usually only checked the “out-clicks” to see how many people were exiting my #blog by going to my Amazon, Nook, or Smashwords.


My Social Network by Luc Legay used under CC License

But I had a jaw-dropping revelation when I looked into my WordPress stats the other day. Facebook was the source for the most referrers, i.e. where someone was when they decided to click into my blog. The second was Search Engines, then Google+ and Twitter. Why are these stats surprising? Because I usually spend the most time promoting my blog on Google+ and Twitter. When I thought about it, it didn’t take long to figure out why this happened. I use Facebook in the same way that I blog, taking the time to visit other pages and leave commentary rather than promoting my own stuff.

Let me be clear for a second, I am not a spammer (and never have been), on Google+ and Twitter. However, when I look back at all of my tweets and Google+ posts, most of them were promotional. I think it’s time to switch gears and use the rest of social media in the same way as I’ve been using Facebook and blogging.

You may experience the same if you go into your WordPress bar graph (site stats for last 48 hours), then look at the referrer’s box and click summaries. You can view your referrers for different time periods as well.

O.K. now that you’ve looked, what did you find out about your stats?

23 thoughts on “WordPress Stats: Seeing is Believing

  1. I looked at my stats in wordpress also while I was in there for another reason. I showed me who the highest commenter was. I was surprised at getting that stat. I will look into your information and see what I find.

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  2. Those stats were not mine but it named the person who made the most comments on my site which I thought was quite interesting to know.


  3. I am linked to FB but in the past don’t actually visit it, ie my posts just go on to there. I have my own personal FB you see which I do visit, but I keep my blog separate as I don’t want to push it on to everyone I know. So I wouldn’t even know where to start to get likes and follows if it is not my already existing base of personal friends non blog related. How do you go about it? Or are all you friends linked in to your FB page?


  4. Most of my blog traffic comes from google. I have a few perennial articles that just keep pulling in visitors. It’s worth considering this when you choose a title for a blog post. I tend to choose teasers like ‘What are brains for?’ but these are not SEO-friendly – who ever typed that question into Google?


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