This Baby Boy Needs A Name

The anticipation of a new #baby brings many new trials and tribulations. Our latest conundrum is choosing a name. My wife and I have been over this issue many times. At one point, I proposed an idea. “How about putting a bunch of names up on the blog and see what others think?” To my surprise, she laughed and agreed.

In my family, we always name children after grandparents. My dad was Francis and my father-in-law was George. We’ve been kicking around different combinations, but I must admit feeling exhausted from the process.


Of course, there is always the Catholic tradition of selecting a name from a Saint’s feast day. If he’s born on St. Patrick’s Day then he gets to share his name with the Saint, and that Saint becomes his guardian.

Time is running out. There’s only about 7 – 8 weeks left before (baby boy name) emerges into this world.


Cast your vote from among these variations and a few others




What Is the World’s Favorite Past time?

You’re about to be incredibly surprised. I bet most of you were thinking about Soccer or Baseball?

Well…it’s not a sport. Rather, it’s Big Lie #Anti-Catholicism.

Let’s face facts, if anyone spouts a big steaming pile of B.S. and nonsense concerning The Church, the PC crowd, you know who I mean, the so-called self-proclaimed Guardians of tolerance and justice will give you a rousing applause and compliment your bravery.

One doesn’t have to dig deep to find these ridiculous posts of bile-spewing ignorance and hatred. They are very prominent and readily available on Twitter, Facebook, and of course You Tube.


I understand that there will always be “lunatic-fringe” groups on any subject. However, whenever I stumble upon one of those aforementioned “lunatic-fringe” posts and see that it has over 100,000 views and page after page of supportive commentary from netizens around the world, it turns my stomach and I completely lose my faith in humanity.

Perhaps I’ll do a future blog post called “Character Assassination” to demonstrate how the system of misinformation operates. This scheme is engaged not only to destroy individual Catholics like Pope Pius XII, but also the Church as a whole.

Of course I’m NOT talking about those who have some type of disagreement with a particular Doctrine of The Church. That’s someone who has done research, and has reached a conclusion. I have respect for them, although I can still disagree with them, because I can draw a different conclusion from the same evidence.

What I’m talking about are headlines / video presentations like…

“Proof: Pope Performs Satanic Rituals” or “Pope Kills Babies in Vatican Basement.”

Isn’t it sad? Remember, over 100,000+ views with supporting commentary. I will not provide a link, because I’m not in the business of giving these loons some free advertising.

Yet, if a man named Muhammed shouts “Allahu akbar” just before detonating a suicide vest and killing a crowd of people, these are some of the same individuals who will shout “Islamophobe,” if anyone dares to utter the words “Radical Islam.” Go figure?

I usually enjoy a double scoop of ice cream, but double standards are very difficult to swallow.

It must be plainly obvious that this subject is close to my heart. Naturally, it has surfaced in one of my short stories called “The Mystical Body” in the forthcoming collection “Liberty Is Dead: Six Mind-Numbing Tales.”

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P.S. >>> After writing this post, I searched for a portrait of Pope Francis. There were many to choose from and I think I made a pretty good choice. However, some were memes with scripture concerning The Beast from “The Book of Revelations.” Will it ever end?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

In our modern secularist society, most people can talk about the latest reality TV celebrities, sports stars, or the latest box office juggernaut. Yes, they even wear green and party on St. Patrick’s Day. However, most will not be able to recant as to why the day is celebrated, or why St. Patrick is a Saint.


St. Patrick Icon by Ted used under CC License

Also, for those who think that St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse to get falling down drunk, please remember that the day is celebrated because it will be St. Patrick who gets to judge the Irish on Judgment Day, and he is the Patron Saint of Ireland.

He was born in Scotland to Roman parents, which means that St. Patrick was Italian (shhh). He was captured by marauders and sold into slavery when he was sixteen. Later, he escaped, studied, and became a Priest by the hand of St. Germain.

Pope St. Celestine I sent him back to Ireland in order to spread the Gospel. At first, many of the Irish chieftains and druid priests tried to kill him, but the encounters were miraculous enough to convert many. Through his miracles and quiet piety, St. Patrick converted all of Ireland out of the darkness of paganism.

Uncomfortable facts seem to upset many modern secularists who falsely believe and proudly proclaim that Christianity was spread by the sword. Catholic History is replete with stories of mass conversions on account of Saints and/or miracles. The story of St. Patrick but one of those tales, it is a great story of how the grace of God working through one man converted an entire nation.

Try to make it to a Daily Mass today.

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“Spotlight” Bares Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

I’ve stated before that Big-Lie-Anti-Catholicism is America’s favorite sport, and last night’s Oscars just proved me right once again. I refuse to see Spotlight, but I have read enough about it, including interviews with the creators of this waste of celluloid to understand its point of view.

Although it would take a book rather than a blog post to discuss the Catholic sex abuse scandal, I’ll give you an outline.

-These events mostly occurred during the sexual revolution. They peaked in the 1970’s and have dropped off significantly since then.

– The American Psychology Association (A.P.A.) claimed that child molestation a curable disease.

– There was a general lack of concern / belief in the secular world that this was a widespread problem.

– You will find a lack of convictions in Public Courts during those years.

– The Catholic Bishops relied upon the A.P.A. for advice. They were looking into it themselves. They were not poked or prodded by authorities.

– There was no universal “playbook” out there on how to handle such a thing. Like anyone else, Bishops are just human beings and products of their times. They looked to the secular world for a “game-plan.” They only did what everyone else was doing.

– No other organization on Earth has done more to protect children and clean its own house than The Catholic Church.

Here’s the problem with Spotlight

The basic premise of Spotlight is that Catholic celibacy is to blame, in other words Catholicism itself. But don’t take offense, Spotlight is not Anti-Catholic (I say sarcastically). This attack on celibacy was also the basis of a crude Anti-Catholic British documentary. This documentary (sorry, I’ve seen it, but can’t recall its name) was made before the surfacing of the abuse scandals that have rocked and continue to rock the Anglican Church.

Of course Spotlight does not mention that incidents of sexual misconduct among Priests has a 4% rate of pedophilia, i.e., percentages that are no greater than other institutions / professions. But don’t take offense, Spotlight is not Anti-Catholic.

So for those of you (and the creators of Spotlight) who feel it’s only a Catholic thing, here’s…

A New York Times article concerning the problem among NY’s Jewish Community.

Two from the U.K. and the Anglican Church 1) Easy Forgiveness and 2) Church Cover-Up

On Child Abuse in Evangelical Churches .

The Mormons in the LDS and FLDS Churches

And for those of you who believe it only exists within religious organizations…

The Obama administration is actively telling the U.S. Army to ignore the problem and the story of one “whistle-blower.”

Also, connected to the Obama administration and looking for one of her own, Hillary Clinton’s defense of child molesters.

A Gay Rights activist who doubles as a huge fundraiser for Pres. Obama was caught as well.

Here’s two about how child abuse is rampant and socially institutionalized within the Muslim World.

And let’s not forget Hollywood Themselves

Here’s an article about An Open Secret, a documentary about the child abuse going on openly in Hollywood.

On another important note, remember that film director named Roman Polanski? He’s not allowed back into the U.S. on child abuse charges. Yet, Hollywood gave him a best director’s Oscar in 2003 in absentia. Just look at the reaction of the crowd. Standing in solidarity to bring home one of their own.

Now why would Spotlight take the position that it’s a Catholic problem caused by its policy of celibacy? During his acceptance speech, producer Michael Sugar said, “…a voice which we wish will become a choir that will resonate all the way to the Vatican.”

Of course that’s just fine with Hollywood. As long as the voice of victims doesn’t become a choir that resonates within their own offices, other religions, or the Muslim world.

Hmmm sounds like Big-Lie Anti-Catholic-Bigotry to me.

The Overwhelming Statistics

Unfortunately nothing is going to happen because the form that sexual abuse most often takes is homosexual. Uh oh can’t go there…it’s politically incorrect. The Church discovered early on that candidates for seminary were not being properly vetted. Too many homosexuals were being admitted into their ranks. Later many of these same Priests became the abusers. However, Catholic Bashing is politically correct and you will get praise and applause for your so-called “enlightened” stance from your “tolerant” liberal comrades.

Therefore, it’s better to publically label them as Catholics and Priests rather than apply the tag homosexual. Remember, one of Obama’s fund raisers caught in the act was a Gay Rights activist. Also the organization trying to legalize sex with minors is called The North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

Does that sound hetero to you?

COC, the Dutch Gay Rights group has managed to lower the legal age of consent in Holland. It is 12 for Homosexuals with parental consent and 15 without consent.

How about a voice that becomes a choir which resonates all the way to the Gay Rights brain-trust activists?

Time for a name change

In light of all these facts wouldn’t be more truthful and appropriate for Hollywood to change that sign to Wholly-Weird? Let’s face another fact. The accolades placed on Spotlight proves that Wholly-Weird is dominated and takes direction from their Liberal-Fascist-Politically-Correct masters. But don’t take offense, Spotlight is not an Anti-Catholic film.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Is Spotlight an Anti-Catholic Film?

Pope Francis vs. Donald Trump

I have been reading some incredibly misleading commentary everywhere from Twitter, Facebook, Television and Newspapers. I have always said that “America’s favorite sport is Big Lie Anti-Catholicism.”


Canonization-2014 by Jeffrey Bruno / Aleteia Image Dept. used under CC License

Also, as I have said to critics of the Catholic Church, “If you’re not Catholic, then all of your information comes from media, and therefore, you only know three things. There’s an organization called The Catholic Church, there’s a place called the Vatican, and there’s a guy called the Pope. Other than those three things, you’ve only heard half-truths and lies.”

Here’s what Pope Francis actually said.

“…a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel. As far as what you said about whether I would advise to vote or not to vote, I am not going to get involved in that. I say only that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that. We must see if he said things in that way and in this I give the benefit of the doubt.”

Here’s some of the misleading media reports.


Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore used under CC License

The Huffington Post…Pope: Trump ‘Not Christian’

The New York Times… Pope Francis suggests Donald Trump Is ‘Not Christian’

CNN…Pope Francis: Building A Wall Is ‘Not Christian’

Naturally the Tweets and FB posts completely prove that Americans are low-information ‘media morons.’

Let’s take one more look at what Pope Francis said. This time I’ll add my commentary in Italics.

“…a person who thinks only about building walls,…”

“Only” is a small word with a huge meaning. Pope Francis is discussing a person with an isolationist mindset. One of The Pope’s first and foremost functions is to be a teacher. He takes this opportunity to teach everyone to care for each other and not lock themselves within a self-absorbing cocoon.

“…wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.” Mr. Trump has bragged about his negotiating skills whenever given the chance. That means he’s describing himself as a bridge builder, which also means that the Pope’s commentary cannot be applied to Donald.

“This is not in the Gospel. As far as what you said about whether I would advise to vote or not to vote, I am not going to get involved in that.” Wait a minute! Did the Pope just say that he is NOT injecting himself into American Politics? Could it be that he knew that the reporter was trying to goad him into commenting directly on a candidate?

“I say only that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that. We must see if he said things in that way and in this I give the benefit of the doubt.” Notice that the Pope said “if he said things in that way…” Therefore, saying that you’re going to “build a wall” does not meet with the Pope’s criteria. One would have to say “building a wall” within the context of complete isolationism in order to garner the moniker of ‘non-Christian.’ The Pope denies applying it to Donald Trump with the words ‘benefit of the doubt.’

Take another look at those headlines. Are they not completely misleading?

For those who feel I’m nit-picking…don’t! Pope Francis like all others before him are very guarded concerning their off the cuff commentary. If anyone were to look at quick statements made to reporters by Popes and actually examine them as compared to what gets broadcasted, you’ll find the same misleading pattern over and over again.

Have you changed your mind about this nonsensical media-hype B.S?

When Bright Lights Burn Out

In the past month, I have heard two disturbing pieces of news of a personal nature. However, I think most of us have experienced this type of news as well and can relate. Perhaps this is rather fitting, especially when one considers that 2015 is about to fade away and a New Year starts tomorrow.

Leaving the wilderness of New York City for San Antonio, and then later to Idaho, has separated me from many friends, family, and acquaintances. A recent tour of Facebook brought me the news concerning the deaths of two friends, Monsignor Joseph Ansaldi and Marilyn Hudson Tucker.


Monsignor Ansaldi was the principal of St. Joseph H.S. where I taught for a few years. He was more of a guiding light than a boss, and therefore, always considered him a friend. As a lifelong #Catholic, I must say that he was one of the greatest homilists I’ve ever heard. It has been over six years since I’ve heard him speak, yet I can still recall some of his homilies and retell them completely.

Marilyn Hudson Tucker was a tireless contributor to the San Antonio Writer’s Guild. She took me under her wing and instructed me to start a #blog. She was my first “like” on #Wordpress, and I was her one-thousandth. She was always ready and available for a beta read, and ran the Ask a Grammar Guru page on Facebook. Moving has caused me to miss Sunday evening critiques at her home, but now I miss the writing scene in San Antonio more than ever.

I’ve never seen her upset, annoyed, angry, or anything like that. There was always a welcoming smile, and a calm demeanor that the rest of us can hopefully learn to imitate.

For Monsignor Ansaldi, the best way to honor him would be to live a better spiritual life.

For Marilyn Tucker, the best way for me to honor her memory would be to write more and make those writings great.


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Here’s My 2015 Reading List

An author should also be an avid reader. Upon reading the list below, you may notice that I’m not locked into any particular genre or type of book. You’ll see fiction and non-fiction of various sorts and subjects. Rather than make a long blog post about the value of reading, I prefer to make a note below to each title about why I have chosen each particular work.


Photo by Megan and used under CC license

The Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis

I’m Catholic and he’s the Pope – need I say more? But seriously, I am truly interested in what Pope Francis has to say about the gospels. Some of the stories I’ve heard about Pope Francis while he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires makes me want some insight from this very special man.

The Science before Science by Dr. Anthony Rizzi

I saw Dr. Rizzi on EWTN Live one night and was fascinated. He sees no conflict between science and the Church. Too often they are portrayed as enemies at each other’s throats. Of course, he also reminds us that it was the Catholic Church that invented the science that we have today.

Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton

Author and columnist, G.K. Chesterton is also known as “The Apostle of Common Sense.” His works vary greatly from novels to non-fiction, but the themes are usually the same. How does the truth of theology clash with modern western society? I’ve seen the series about him on EWTN, and it’s always intriguing. There is also a website for the Chesterton Society.

The Blackguard by Ben Garrido

I find the concept of this book utterly irresistible. Imagine an enclave of people living according to their own rules in modern America. I started reading this book last year and then had to put it down (with the rest of my life) on account of moving across the country. If I were teaching a sociology class, I would assign this book.

Also, Ben Garrido’s blog articles are always an academic and illuminating treat.

Over My Dead Body by Bruce Borders

From what I’ve read about Bruce, he seems like a real Texas Libertarian. Many Libertarian authors (myself included) are making frightening predictions about the iron hand of government. Imagine if the government took away your child without any proper justification. That’s the premise of Bruce’s novel. I also know that this book was released just a month or two before an actual story eerily similar to Bruce’s novel hit the news cycle.

The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision by Henry Kamen

It never ceases to amaze me how many people are just sucked in by the anti-Catholic myths that were generated around the time of Henry VIII and the English “Cold War” with Spain. I plan on writing some historical fiction concerning these myths, so this will be the start of my research. Now I just need to find a few good titles on Galileo and Pope Pius XII (I know that most of the definitive titles about Pope Pius XII are by Sister Marchione; just haven’t decided on which one to buy).

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

I can’t resist a good fantasy novel, and I’ve heard many positive things about this one in particular. Since I’m writing a fantasy novel, it seems like a good idea to read some well-written fantasy. Brandon can describe magic, world-build, and get into character’s minds in a smooth and non-heavy-handed manner.

Writing About Magic by Rayne Hall

I’ve read another title by Rayne Hall called Writing Fight Scenes. Her research is so exhaustive and complete that when I saw this title, I knew I had to have it. I know authors can go a bit wacky with the self-help writing guides, but I do not. This is my fourth book in two years.

I also need to choose a few more books from the Rave Reviews official list. There are so many titles and genres by so many talented authors. Help me out with a suggestion…or two or three.

The One Thing I Hate About Christmas

I can hear some of the initial reactions to the title of this post.

Most likely you’re thinking, “Bah Humbug to you too, pal,” or… “Is your real name Ebenezer San Giacomo? After all, your initials wouldn’t change.”

To save myself from the holiday madness:

I can avoid crowded stores and traffic by shopping online.

I can avoid spending lots of money by hunting for bargains or doing the shopping earlier.

I can avoid cooking for hours on end by enjoying a simple dinner with my wife and no guests.

I can avoid the anti-religion ad campaigns by Atheist groups by simply ignoring them.

I can avoid (place any other pet peeves about the holidays here).

However, the one thing that I wish I could avoid, but can’t, is going to church.

That’s one incredible thing for a devout follower of Catholicism to say, but it’s true. In fact, you can toss in Palm Sunday and Easter as well.

***If only I had the ability to photograph your wide eyes and gaping jaws at this moment.*** 🙂

But that’s the truth. Palm Sunday, Easter, and Christmas are the three days of the year that I’d like to avoid going to Mass.

Why? Because of all the PECs. “What’s a PEC?” you ask. It’s what regular parishioners call those people who attend Mass three times a year. PECs only go to church on Palm Sunday, Easter, and Christmas. Although I think crediting them with three church attendances per year is being nice. I’m sure the majority of PECs actually score only one or two out of three.

I agree with most clergy on this matter when they say things like “Well…they (PECs) are better off in church than not.” Who knows? Maybe they’ll come back for more and become a regular parishioner. It’s possible, and I’m hopeful for such things.

So it’s not their presence that bothers me. Nobody’s presence bothers me in church; those doors are always open to all. Which naturally begs the question, what bothers me about PECs?


It’s their attitude.

I’m sure at some point, you’ve seen video footage from stores where people get trampled or fight over that toy in short supply. How depressing it is to witness something like that. Well, that’s the same attitude that the PECs bring into church, treating communion like a first-come, first-served “free for all.” The clergy have wised up over the years, and now give out instructions that communion is dispensed row by row. Imagine the PECs’ disappointment over the fact that they got to the church early in order to be the first in line for the communion and “beat the crowd”, only to find out that it’s done in an orderly fashion. It’s as if they are on line at Best Buy for the latest iPhone gadget.

Oops, I almost forgot something important about Catholicism. If you’ve ever missed a Mass, then you can’t receive communion until the sacrament of reconciliation (confession and absolution) has been dispensed to you by a priest. But don’t try to tell that to a PEC.

I don’t mind standing in church; sometimes I actually think it’s a good thing that the pews are full. However, on the three days in question, I know that it is not a good thing. PECs cram into the front pews as if they’re lucky to get a better seat for a concert. Like I said, I really don’t mind standing, but what about the little old lady with the walker and the oxygen tank that shows up faithfully every week? Why  should she have to stand?

I would get up and offer her my seat. PECs don’t.

Next comes the unruly PEC children. Sometimes they play with toys and games. I remember one kid crawling up to the podium with a toy truck imitating engine sounds, while the priest was giving his homily. The PEC parents were smiling and laughing at their adorable child, and made no effort to stop him.

How I just wanted to tell them that not everybody thinks their child is a bundle of joy, especially when said child is interrupting a solemn ceremony.

And then there are the dreaded cell phones. There’s nothing like having a bright light jiggling around in your peripheral vision, or hearing that ring tone during the consecration of the Holy Eucharist, or their chattering.

In all fairness, I do have to say that not all PECs are created equal. The San Antonio PECs are much better than the New York City PECs. I have not yet experienced or witnessed the behavioral pattern of the typical Idaho PEC, but I’ll find that out tomorrow at Midnight Mass. Yes, I now only attend Midnight Mass for Christmas and Easter, because they are fewer PECs.

O Lord, please give me patience…right now!

What is the Secret to a Great Thanksgiving?

Is it Grandma’s stuffing recipe? Or is it the size of your turkey? Neither. The real secret to a great Thanksgiving is actually taking the time to give thanks.

So maybe you don’t own a sleek European sports car…well neither do I. Maybe you don’t have a mansion…well neither do I. Remember it’s about giving thanks. It’s not about ruing over what you don’t have or what you’d like.

I have a loving wife, two adorable cats, a nice warm roof over my head, cars, and plenty of food. I shouldn’t complain.


Photo: The TURKEY! by Cheryl used under CC License

Here’s how I came to my revelation.

My wife can’t cook. Thanksgiving Day is the only day that she’ll rattle a few pots and pans. So my Thanksgiving Day dinner will be a boneless turkey breast, a box of stove top stuffing, a jar of turkey gravy, a box of instant mash potatoes, a can of cranberry sauce, and that green bean casserole.

When I was growing up, everything was made from scratch. My mom used to buy a bag of cranberries and some plain gelatin and would make her own cranberry sauce. The same painstaking effort was put into every item on the table. She used to cook and break up some country sausage and bread for the stuffing. I think you’re getting the idea.

Yet, I’m thankful for what I have, and for the loving wife that I get to spend the day with.

Also, I don’t know about Protestant denominations, but I do know, that my Catholic parish will celebrate Mass for Thanksgiving Day, and I’ll be there. It is not a standard daily Mass either. The Mass for that day is specifically titled for Thanksgiving Day. That’s one way of giving thanks.

Another secret to a great Thanksgiving Day is to do something for others.

We’ll be feeding about 10 airmen from Mtn. Home AFB. They’re alone, no family nearby and therefore, no place to go to celebrate the day.

So how do you plan on giving thanks?

Small Town Life

So here I am in Idaho. At first I was somewhat disappointed with my wife’s new assignment. I’ve lived in cities my whole life, namely New York City and San Antonio. The thought of a small town (roughly 15K) with nothing to do except watching the grass grow or listening to flies buzz by was a bit disconcerting. However, I have to take it all back.

Since moving to Mountain Home, my wife and I have had a busier social life than ever before. There’s nowhere nearby for a fine dining experience, but there is so much other stuff to do.

We’ve had more get-togethers in six weeks here than in the last five years, and there’s no end in sight. The local churches take turns hosting a monthly community dinner, for one thing. This month, the local Lutheran Church sponsored it, though it took place in the Catholic Parish hall (see what I mean about folks getting together). My wife and I got into the swing of things too; I brewed and served coffee and my wife served salad.

Although I am a Catholic, I helped out Grace Lutheran Church. They needed a specialty paint job in their Sunday School room. They wanted someone to use chalkboard paint and create a board shaped like a church (psst that’s the photo).


Also, I haven’t been to a bar in years, but now I go every Friday night for a beer, many laughs, and most of all, darts. I used to be pretty good at it, but it’ll take a while to get my form back.

My wife and I even plan to get into the hunting and fishing scene as well. Some people here make fish and chips from perch. I tried some at the bar during their annual Perch Jerk feast (yet another gathering), and I must say it was incredible.

There are two more potlucks scheduled for this month and even a lecture on radical Islam. So far, small town life is more socially busy than any other place where I have lived before.  I’m loving it.

What have your experiences been with small towns vs. cities?